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I’m Stan Alari, a Traffic Ticket Lawyer specializing in fighting tickets in court and with aTrial by Declaration. My purpose here is to tell you about all the advantages of fighting the ticket with a Trial by Declaration (TBD).

Here are few great reasons for fighting your traffic ticket with a TBD:
  • The cost is much less than my fighting it in a Court Trial. Oh Sure, the chances to win in Court are so much greater and so is the cost, that’s why I recommend you fight your traffic ticket with a TBD.
  • You can’t lose your right to a court trial or traffic school if you qualify and you can win the case. Especially, if you hire me to fight your traffic ticket it for you.
    I use powerful law defenses designed to disqualify the officer’s evidence. How do I do that? Well I know what the officer is going to do when he files his response to my trial by written declaration, and what the officer will do on his form consists of inadmissible evidence that cant be used against you. I have a special memorandum of law that shows the judge that the officer’s evidence is inadmissible because of a technical legal screw-up in the officer’s declaration form. I even give the court a defense exhibit consisting of the officer’s declaration pointing out the inadmissible evidence on the form.
  • The officer may fail to file a response and you win.
  • The officer may fail to show up at the court trial.
  • The officer may state that he has no recollection of the event.
  • The officer may lose his notes in preparing for the TBD and fail to have them at the court trial.
  • Here is another great reason, my powerful law defenses may knock the officer’s case out by persuading the judge to dismiss the case.

Finally, If the Trial By Declaration is lost and you hire me to represent you at the Court trial, now the whole process changes because now I’m personally going to be in court with all my years of expertise, law motions, subpoena, powerful tactics and know how.

The cop wont know what hit him because most cops are so lazy because they always win against ignorant know nothing citizens who don’t know the first thing about law or the laws of evidence.
When I show up, the show is about to get very different and the case is going to get dismissed. Really. You see, I really know the law better than anyone in the courtroom, judge included. I fight will all my legal might! I take my cases so seriously and passionately give it everything I’ve got with the most powerful, right on law defenses.
That’s why I win all the time!
I know what the officer must prove and know when he doesn’t have it!! The officer frequently has gotten lazy and does not bring his A game to court, why should he? He always wins against you, the uninformed citizen who knows absolutely nothing about the law.
Take a trip down to the traffic court and watch the slaughter, every day you can watch it and break your heart with the way cops win all the time….against the really ignorant, uninformed citizen. And the whole time the cop is winning with inadmissible evidence, that you know nothing about!!!
But not against me, the cop is history when I go to court. Why? Because I really, really, know the cops job and when he isn’t measuring up. In short, I know what must be done in court to win. That’s it.
So, my advice is to fight the ticket with a Trial by Declaration, you can’t lose your right to a court trial and you can still opt for traffic school, or send me in there to win the case with all my knowledge of the law, courtroom tactics and trial generalship.

Stan The Radar Man, traffic trial attorney extraordinaire!
I win against overconfident officers who do not bring all the right admissible evidence into court and so they lose all the time. The officers are always getting convictions when taking advantage of citizens who don’t know anything about a court of law don’t know how to object to the officers testimony. Cops are always winning with inadmissible hearsay. The average citizen doesn’t even know what hearsay is!!
Believe me, I win in court just about every time against officers, because among other things I know what hearsay is and object to the officers testimony and the cop is cut off and loses the case. The cop has to bring admissible evidence into court and they always fail to do so!! They just get sloppy because what does the average citizen know about the law? Nothing!!!

Ok, so lets talk about what’s involved in a Trial by Declaration. When I’m hired, I evaluate my client’s case and choose the right law defenses for the case. I send in the TBD along with the necessary trial bail (You must pay the trial bail to get a trial).
When my TBD with its return request receipt gets to court, the court clerk notifies the officer that he has to file a response within thirty days. (Officer’s Declaration Form). If the officer fails to file a response you win the case.
The Officer’s Declaration is full of all these boxes to be checked off indicating the officer has the necessary evidence to convict you. However, all those checked off boxes are inadmissible because they lack authentication (a technical rule of law).
If the officer files his response in time, a judge or commissioner of the court will read my TBD with its law defenses, statement of facts and memorandum of law that points out that the checked off boxes are inadmissible evidence and will read the officer’s declaration.
The judge will rule that you are guilty or not. If not, you will get your trial bail money back and the case is dismissed. If the judge finds you guilty, you will be notified and have 20 days from the date of decision to request a court trial (Trial de Novo).
Now, you have several choices. You can go to trial and if the cop isn’t there, the case against you is dismissed. If the cop is there you have several choices, one, you can opt for traffic school if eligible and the judge will give it to you, no questions asked. If you are not eligible for traffic school, you will fight the case with all the law defenses in your copy of my TBD. You will of course have talked to me before the trial so I can get you up to speed on using the law defenses in the TBD. You will have your day in court. Congratulations in not just rolling over and pleading guilty.
Your other choice is to have hired me to try the case for you. Now your talking. Again, my policy is to reduce my trial fee by the amount you paid me to prepare the TBD.
You will have given me adequate notice of your intention to hire me for trial. Now what I do to get ready for trial is prepare a lot of written law motions, I file a subpoena for trial evidence to use against the cop in trial and I go to court ready for bear!

There are so many ways for me to win at trial I can’t list them all here and new ways keep popping up.

Note: If the officer isn’t present and the judge wants to continue the case, object on the grounds you have a right to a speedy trial under the constitution.

There will be times when you must file the TBD yourself, I understand that. That’s why I have all the information and forms you need at this website. All you have to do is read the information and then download and fill out the forms and send them to the court with your trial bail.
You will need to be careful when filing out the Statement of Facts, make sure you do not incriminate yourself. For example, lets say you were charged with speeding on a freeway with a maximum speed limit of 65 miles per hour. Let’s say the officer says your speed was 85 miles per hour. You would not say in your statement of facts “ I wasn’t going 85!! I was only going 69 miles per hour. You just convicted yourself by admitting that you were exceeding the 65 mph speed limit. It is a much better Idea to just say “I plead not guilty” in the statement of facts.
Now there will be times when you do have a factual defense that explains why you are not guilty, by all means use that defense.
Another thing you might try is to ask the judge to accept your plea of guilt to a “coasting” charge, its in vehicle code section 21710. That code section does not involve a DMV point against your record but you would pay the trial bail as part of your sentence.

My fees run from $400 to $650 to prepare a Trial by Declaration for you. There is a postage fee of $15 bucks. You will pay the trial bail. Just call me and I will give you the details on mailing or depositing right into my Wells Fargo Account and you will fax a copy of your ticket to me. I will do all the rest and will fax or email a copy of the TBD documents to you.
The best way to reach me is by calling my cell phone at 562-682-5372 or call me toll free at 877-762-7232. I return all mail and calls, lets talk. I use a blackberry cell phone that displays all your Ticket Evaluation Form fill outs as soon as you fill out the form. Be sure to fill out a free Ticket Evaluation Form and don’t be surprised if I call you within minutes…
Remember that one DMV point will cost you about 1800 over a three year period. You do want to save that traffic school option and use it only when you absolutely must. The TBD is such a great way to use the system to maximize your chances of a dismissal and saving your driving record and keeping your insurance rates down.

Be sure you fill out the free and important Ticket Evaluation Form on this site. Your evaluation will be read by me immediately on my PDA cell telephones, and I will either call or write back immediately.

Thank you for visiting!

Stanley Alari
Attorney at Law
Since 1972
Traffic Ticket Attorney
Call 24/7: 1- 562- 279 - 4653

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