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What is trial by declaration?
Got a Traffic Ticket ! what to do?
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 Got a Traffic Ticket! What to do next? 

When you get a speeding ticket or any moving violation in California:

  • Do not admit guilt.
    Don't argue with the officer on the road
    You don't want him/her to remember you when you do go to court.
    Say nothing, if possible. - Be polite then drive away.
    The cop can use your admission against you in court.

  • You need to remember everything about the situation!
    How much traffic, How was the weather, which lane you were in, where was the officer. Did he use radar, laser or lidar.. Write it down if you think you can't remember everything later..

    Once you get a Notice to Appear or a courtesy notice 45 - 60 days after you get your California traffic citation (ticket).Postpone the court date!

Ok ..Got the Traffic Ticket what is next?

Relax, and lets take a look at it.  First, what am I charge with?  What day do I need to respond to the court?  Where do I find some good information on what to do now.  That part is easy, I’ll go to one of Stan The Radar Man’s website and  send in a Free Ticket Evaluation Form to Stan The Radar Man. 

 Stan will read my evaluation and get back to me with good advice.  A traffic ticket is called an infraction.  The good news is that an infraction is a crime, although it’s the most minor of public offenses. The officer who wrote did so because he had probable cause to issue it. 

The officer still has to prove the moving violation by proof beyond a reasonable doubt and he must also have proof that is admissible in a court of law.  Most officers are so used to winning in traffic trials that they get sloppy and don’t bring admissible proof to court. 

You see, most officers never have been challenged by a good traffic lawyer who knows what the admissible proof is and isn’t.The officer has never been taught the law about admissible evidence for traffic tickets.  The truth is, the officer wins because you don’t know the law about the admissibility of evidence.

The officer can be easily defeated by the person who knows the laws of evidence. The judge most likely knows the laws but he can’t help you and he can’t object if the officer doesn’t know the law either.   I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s absolutely true! 

 I know, because most officers have only had to prove the case against citizens who could not and do not know what is admissible and inadmissible evidence. So, what happens all the time when I try a traffic ticket case, the officer is dumbfounded when the case is lost.  All I did was object to his evidence when it’s inadmissible evidence!   In fact, the officer doesn’t know what admissible evidence is either!   Strange, but its  true.

You see,  we actually have a great system of justice, if you know the law.  A fair trial is your right, but you have to know the law to defeat a traffic ticket.  Remember, the officer does not know the law.  The judge knows it.  A competent Traffic Lawyer knows it.  But, no one else does!!  How could they without legal training in the laws of evidence. No one has the time to go out and learn the laws of evidence before their trial, that’s why you need to get a defense lawyer who does, or learn a few laws of evidence and win at your trial. Otherwise, like most people, they show up and hope the officer does not.  It actually is one of the few things you can do for yourself.  The other thing you can do is file a Trial by Written Declaration!!   You don’t, thank God, have to learn laws of evidence to file a winning Trial by Written Declaration.  There is more information at this site on Trial by Declarations. 

So, Got a California Traffic Ticket?  What do I do?  Find out about a Trial by Declaration at Stan’s site or Call or write to Stan The Radar Man, its free and he will tell you about The Trial by Declaration and he loves to see folks win their traffic ticket cases!  
Help?  Why sure!  Call or write Stan, he will tell you what to do and chances are terrific that you will be excited about your several options and…pleading guilty is not one of them!

You know what to do.  I’m waiting for your call or mail! Have a great day and make it greater by calling Stan The Radar Man at Toll Free: 1-877-769-7232


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    Stanley Alari
    Attorney at Law
    Since 1972
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    What is trial by declaration?
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